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  • Height

    Up to 100 ft. / 30.5 m

  • Payload

    Up to 525 lbs. / 238 kg


Aluminum Mobile Tower System with Enclosure

The mobile tower system provides a modular infrastructure for use in differing environments and terrains. Our units provide innovative flexibility to rapidly deploy mission-critical equipment around the world. From RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition) to COWs (Cell On-Wheels) and illumination towers, each platform can be configured to the end-users requirements.

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The MPA allows users to configure their system as operational demands change over the lifetime of the product.

Durable in the Field

  • Components are constructed of aluminum and are covered by a two (2) year warranty.
  • In situ field repair never before seen in a telescopic tower system.
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  • The most durable chassis on the market.
  • Supporting off-road capabilities in the roughest terrain.
  • Deploys in under 30 minutes.

Technicals that speak for themselves

The Axiom 106 was successfully loaded to approximately 80 MPH, (unguyed) with 375 LBS dead load, and approximately 20 SQ FT. The tower was left loaded for 13 consecutive days without any noticeable structural deformation.


Real World Capable

Load bearing rigging brackets were tested to failure of the rigging cable to ensure rigging brackets are in excess of 100% the WLL of the Ø5/16” - 7x19 wire rope.



Stonger than the Competition


Learn more about our patented system.

Take 10 minutes to read about how we solved the "Play Between Sections". And in doing so you'll know everything you need to about the Axiom Tower solution. You'll see why our towers are better and how we think about engineering.

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