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Utilizing 3/5 axis milling, swiss and c-axis turning, and laser/waterjet equipment we are able to deliver repetitive, low deviation parts ready for simple assembly and integration at competitive pricing.  The result is consistency in production supporting simplified assembly and construction.



Our Modular Platform Architecture (MPA) provides a standard core framework so our aluminum telescopic towers can be customized with ease to meet the ever-changing operational demands of the industry.
This flexibility in design also makes the Axiom Tower the first lattice-telescopic tower to 104’ with complete FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) parts.  This unique capability gives the customer the ability to leverage Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) parts supporting tower upgrades in the field as well as localized tower maintenance.
Axiom Towers are made from aircraft-grade aluminum that is anodized for maximum protection against corrosion.
The patented weld-free design maintains unified strength throughout the tower structure and avoids alloy degradation.  Tower products that use a welded design can experience as much as a forty percent degradation in strength where welding is performed. By using a weld-free design, Axiom towers maintain their strength and integrity throughout the structure.

Engineering Solutions

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Perfection Through Precision

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Technology Readiness Level-9

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Revolutionary Patented Technology with Distinct Aluminum Extrusion

Strength, Stability and Durability are three key elements of the Axiom Tower systems.  Axiom is the only tower in the market that uses 24 foot slide rods with continuous interlocking contact by every tower leg on every tower section.  The precision of the engineering design operates in minimal tolerances that eliminate play between tower sections resulting in a stronger more durable tower structure.  Engineered for simple assembly with minimum tools, our tower can be palletized to reduce freight costs.

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