We're passionate about one thing... Engineering Solutions

Our mission is to inject excitement into a quiescent industry through revolutionary, tested, optimally safe, user friendly, modular designs, while maintaining our customer centric values and competitive pricing.

Set new industry standards through disruptive innovations led by visionary engineering
Commitment to safety, quality, and testing.
Honor customer-centric values and competitive pricing

Rick Bailey - IMG_3215

Meet the Team

The Axiom team starts with engineering and ends with engineering.


Ronald Diniz, President and CEO

Engineering & Development

Rick Bailey - Head Shot RTB

Rick Bailey, CTO

Rick Bailey - HEad Shot AP

Alex Pickard, Mechanical Engineer, P.E.

It starts at the top and quality exudes through our company

Our Founder/Principal, Mr. Ronald Diniz, believes excellence is achieved when customer centric corporate values and industry leading engineering are placed at the forefront of what we do. 

Axiom puts engineering first.  Designs are proven.  Components are physically destroyed to ensure our product meets or exceeds analytical results.  When investing in a product of this scale, it is vital to know its limits. 

The only way to learn the limits of a structure is to test it.  Anything short of this can be considered presumptive and negligent.  Let our product give you peace of mind!


Looking for a new challenge?

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