Axiom is an Engineering Powerhouse

Axiom’s team of engineers have been designing and deploying products for over 15 years and have backgrounds in multiple high visibility industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Military/Defense, and Commercial markets.

This experience allows our team to develop and implement the right technology for your application. From disruptive and emerging technologies to benchmark applications and COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) integration efforts, Axiom Towers operates in capacities beyond telescopic towers.

Using state-of-the-art technology and software Axiom can provide expert FEA (Finite Element Analysis) in Structural (linear & non-linear), Thermal, Motion, and Fluid Dynamics.

Our in-house Licensed Professional Engineer can provide the documentation and stamps necessary for compliance. Axiom has the power to provide a System-level solution.

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Technicals that speak for themselves

The Axiom 106 was successfully loaded to approximately 80 MPH, (unguyed) with 375 LBS dead load, and approximately 20 SQ FT. The tower was left loaded for 13 consecutive days without any noticeable structural deformation.


Real World Capable

Load bearing rigging brackets were tested to failure of the rigging cable to ensure rigging brackets are in excess of 100% the WLL of the Ø5/16” - 7x19 wire rope.



Stonger than the Competition

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